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Community Involvement

Armstrong Homecare is an exceptional home care provider that not only specializes in providing quality in-home care but also takes an active role in serving our community. Our primary mission is advocating for the senior population, and we do so by partnering with the Association of Home & Hospice Care of North Carolina. Through this partnership, we provide unparalleled care, support and advocacy to the elderly, ensuring they lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

In addition to our commitment to the senior population, Armstrong Homecare is also involved in rescuing cats and dogs from local shelters. We partner with Paws4ever, a non-profit organization that provides love, care, and shelter to these animals until they find their forever homes. Armstrong Homecare is actively involved in volunteering with Paws4ever and also sits on the Board of Directors.

Our team stays connected to other organizations that serve our senior population in the Durham and Chapel Hill area by our membership with CHADER (Chapel Hill and Durham Eldercare Resources).  We have built strategic partnerships with companies that we trust in order to refer and assist with any additional needs that may arise with our clients to best serve them in their time of need.

Armstrong Homecare is dedicated to serving the community. Our work with seniors, animals and senior focused organizations have made a significant impact on the community and we want to continue to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.

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